Review: Spindle by Shonna Slayton


Briar Rose knows her life will never be a fairy tale. She’s raising her siblings on her own, her wages at the spinning mill have been cut, and the boy she thought she had a future with has eyes for someone else. Most days it feels like her best friend, Henry Prince, is the only one in her corner…though with his endless flirty jokes, how can she ever take him seriously?

When a mysterious peddler offers her a “magic” spindle that could make her more money, sneaking it into the mill seems worth the risk. But then one by one, her fellow spinner girls come down with the mysterious sleeping sickness…and Briar’s not immune.

If Briar wants to save the girls—and herself—she’ll have to start believing in fairy tales…and in the power of a prince’s kiss.

A fairy tale retelling set in the Industrial era, the author hits her facts well describing the time period and how factory life was for young women working in them. Blending a good deal of magic as well in the story this is a version of Sleeping Beauty that doesn’t really play out as an actual retelling, but more of a spin off OF the fairy tale. Briar isn’t really Sleeping Beauty, but her situation is tied up in the original story.

This isn’t perhaps the page turner of an adventure, but it is a good romance with a lot of good historical details and serious treatment of the time period. I enjoyed the book and it was a fast read.

4 out of 5


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