Review: Fiasco: A History of Hollywood’s Iconic Flops by James Robert Parish


A longtime industry insider and acclaimed Hollywood historian goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of 15 of the most spectacular movie megaflops of the past 50 years, such as Cleopatra, The Cotton Club, and Waterworld. He recounts, in every gory detail, how enormous hubris, unbridled ambition, artistic hauteur, and bad business sense on the parts of Tinsel Town wheeler-dealers and superstars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood, and Francis Ford Coppola, conspired to engender some of the worst films ever.

Sometimes you go into a movie and leave wondering “who greenlighted this mess”. The situation is even more embarrassingly compounded when the particular train wreck has an enormous budget. This book chronicles some of the most expensive movie disasters. Parish is able to really dig in to the background of what happened to allow such insane decisions to be made. The book is fascinating from a gossipy level as well has just a history stand point of how terrible things snowball. I really enjoyed the book.

4 out of 5


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