Review: Rogues of the Road by Tony Duke


A complete and concise look at the malefactors, rogues and highwaymen who pursued their evil and wanton calling by assaulting and depriving the fair citizens of England of their most precious and prized possessions by use of the most reprehensible of methods… Highway Robbery! This book is mainly concerned with the Seventh Commandment, and its application to the protection of property in eighteenth century England during a period when highway robbery was, for many, the preferred way to steal.

While very informative and well researched this book ended up being a bit on the dry side. I feel like it was someone’s thesis paper they were working on that they published. The information about the “real” Dick Turpin was interesting, but the book felt like everything was rushed with sort of superficial detail to fit it all into a paper. Good book if you’re looking for information, maybe not so much if you’re looking for a riveting read.

3 out of 5


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