Review: It Happened in Kansas by Sarah Smarsh


It Happened in Kansas features over 25 chapters in Kansas history.  Lively and entertaining, this book brings the varied and fascinating history of the Sunflower State to life.

Ah Kansas, land of Dorothy, sunflowers, really flat land and more sunflowers. I read this book to go along with The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster as part of the action takes place in turn of the century Kansas. It is a credit to this author that she actually made Kansas very interesting to the point that I looked into taking a road trip there. Scouring through the stranger parts of Kansas history, Smarsh paints a picture of a state that is often where major historical issues start for some reason. From Bleeding Kansas to Brown v. Board of Education, Kansas has a tendency to be a place where things come to a head. A fascinating home of flight, Exodusters and the flying spaghetti monster, this is a great look at a state that often doesn’t get much attention.

4 out of 5


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